Start Your Own Podcast!

Here’s how I started my podcast. And you can do it too!  Let me show you how.

I’ve put together a private page of tips and resources entitled:

How To Start Your Own Podcast

In it, I’ll take you from inception to getting your podcast on the air.  

For example:
• Why do a podcast?
• Does your show have legs?
• What you need to be a podcaster
• Funding and monitization options
• Having a schedule and sticking to it
• You recorded your first episode…now what?
• Getting the word out about your podcast

For only $10.00, you’ll get all that plus links to over 20 beneficial resources including Hardware, Software and Hosting Reccomendations, Funding & Monitization links and Podcasts on Podcasting to further your knowledge. You’ll also have access to the guide “Self Publish Your Own Book”. Your subscription grants access to all that material for one year.

After you register, click on the “Do Ya Wanna…” menu, login and access your content.

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