Film & Television

Specializing in Comedy and Drama genres, we’ve scripted the following projects:


Exacting Retribution
Revenge Thriller – Shopping Script
An MIT grad, a bartender, and a private investigator work under the radar taking vengeance on criminals in New York City.


Justified Retribution
Revenge Thriller – Shopping Script
College girl, sexually assaulted at a fraternity mixer, redeems herself as a successful attorney, learns Tae Kwon Do, and then seeks revenge against the four men who attacked her.


Exacting Retribution II
Revenge Thriller – In Development
JD and his crew take on additional assignments, helping to re-educate the chosen few who deserve their creative methods of higher education.


Dante’s Limo
Half Hour Single Camera Comedy – Shopping Pilot
A crusty, politically incorrect dispatcher spends his days managing drivers who consistently find themselves in comedically undesirable situations.  Includes fake commercials before breaks. Based on actual incidents, characters and content from the book “Tales of a New York Limo Driver – Sex, Excess and Stupidity on Four Wheels”


One Hour Drama – Shopping Pilot
**Logline Redacted** e-mail for more information


One Hour Drama – In Development
Wealthy veteran CIA Black Ops Team Leader Artemis Kane and operatives Holly Prince, Karla Rockoff, hacker Javi Ordonez and freelance muscle Tommy Stone perform a wide range of below the radar services for top dollar clients.


Bob The Superhero?
Animation – In Development
A past his prime, forgetful Superhero and his Type A female sidekick battle villains in the not too distant future