Do ya wanna…

…Self Publish a Book or Start Your Own Podcast?

I’ve developed two subscriber-only pages of tips, tricks and resources to help people interested in becoming a Published Author or a Podcaster.

Self Publishing Tips and Tricks

I’ll take you from inception to marketing your first book.  

For example:
• How to generate ideas
• How to test your idea for viability
• Do you have a platform?
• The benefits of self publishing
• Who should publish your book?
• How much work you’ll do vs. what your publisher will do
• Your book is published, now what?

You get all that plus links to Publishers, Books, Websites, and Podcasts that will assist you.

Start Your Own Podcast

I’ll take you from inception to getting your podcast on the air.  

For example:
• Why do a podcast?
• Does your show have legs?
• What you need to be a podcaster
• Funding and monitization options
• Having a schedule and sticking to it
• You recorded your first episode…now what?
• Getting the word out about your podcast

You get all that plus links to Hardware, Free Software, Hosting and Monitization sites as well as 12 excellent Podcasts about Podcasting that will further your education.

I’ve boiled down all of the knowledge I’ve gained from a ton of research, years of self-taught study and application of what I’ve learned.

For only $10 dollars, you get access to the tips and resources on both pages for one year.

In order to access this content, I kindly ask that you register, then login in order to access the material.

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